Being Human

Have you forgotten to be ‘human’?
No? Then, why do you fail to help someone,
Without gain?
Why don’t you to try to alemiorate,
Someone’s pain?

Please stop playing selfish games,
As humanity is your unique trait;
The world is suffering,
And so are you;
As hate begets only hate!

Have you forgotten to be ‘human’?
Or you are blindly following the race;
Believe me, the delight is real,
When you are the reason for smile,
On someone’s face!

Pause! Reflect and introspect,
You are made to be kind and compassionate,
Try to be selfless wherever you can!
As “Being Human” is the grace,
You must chase!

© Shraddha – Words are phenomenal

12 thoughts on “Being Human

      1. Me too. Here in the USA. We are struggling. These coronaviras days are messing with people heads. I pray we learn to respect women, be kind to each other and where we lead with kindness, concern and love.

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      2. Yes. Easy to look-up. Less pay still, abuse of women. Young girls being stole and used-up. Women, immigrants and low wages. USA had many problems. I live in Detroit, Michigan. Black people are strong and not abused. They are educated and good people. The riots, bad people making profit on hate. Here in my area, young girls must be careful. Must never go to places alone. Hard to understand why men abuse women. We are raised-up by grandmothers, mother, sisters and we have daughters.

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      3. Last year on the Mexico border and Detroit/Canada border. Many women stolen and never found. Look-up Susana Chávez Castillo. A amazing poet killed because she wrote about the missing girls on the Mexican border. Cut off one of her hands off.

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